City + Life

Take everything that’s appealing about living downtown—proximity, convenience, the vibrancy of an urban location—and combine it with everything that’s attractive about upscale apartment living—amenities, comfort, aesthetics—what you get is 66 Summer Street. It’s all about illustrating the huge array of benefits to living at 66Summer Street and visually representing the idea of city plus life. Predominant visuals include lifestyle images, symbols, icons, and textures drawn from our location, the surrounding destinations, and our interiors. Typography is used to prominently illustrate benefits in a graphically arresting and sophisticated style. Words are deconstructed and come together in unusual and captivating ways to create a unique portrait of CITY + LIFE.

66 Summer Street

From business cards and brochures to signage and creative specialty items, Frankl Creative helped to build a luxury lifestyle brand for 66 Summer Street from the ground up. Liz and the Brio Consulting team created a comprehensive suite of materials to promote this new 15-story mixed-use project, featuring 209 housing units and 6,600 square feet of retail space that quickly became one of the hottest addresses in Stamford, CT.